Samsung Electronics (South Korean multinational electronics firm) is headquartered in Yeongtong-gu in Suwon, Korea. The company is the top of the Samsung Group's chaebol , and accounts 70 percent of the total revenue. In 2012 the sales of its products and services topped $27 billion, which is a substantial rise from prior years. Mobile phones made up more than a third the revenue total of the company.


Samsung has managed to sustain its creativity through design. Samsung has slowed down its design initiatives in 1997 as Asia was hit by the Asian financial crisis. An was considering leaving Samsung following the market had experienced a major slump across the region. But his boss supported him and encouraged him to join a PhD program that studies the design of organizational and management. As a result, he began to think about how Samsung's future design strategy might be. Samsung has not only produced top-quality products, but also has put a lot of money into its own design and research into innovation.


After the Korean War Samsung began to expand its business. In the teknoloji 1950s, it acquired three of America's largest commercial banks. In the 1960s, the firm had acquired fertilizer and cement-producing companies. Samsung expanded into new markets following the war and expanded into other markets, including Japan, and the United Kingdom. Samsung had become one of the top electronic companies globally by the 1990s. Its consumer electronics division was a dominant market player.

Samsung Electronics' growth has been supported by major acquisitions and internal growth but its future growth prospects depend on the performance of Apple. While competition from Apple has affected Samsung's earnings in the past, the company is now leading the pack as the world's biggest tech company. Samsung lost 60% of its revenue during the third quarter 2014 however it recovered in the beginning of the year. Samsung has achieved success on the market due to this amazing technological innovation.

Samsung's latest smartphones are sure to be popular. No matter if you're looking for the brand new Samsung Galaxy S or a Galaxy Note, the company has a model for your particular needs. Samsung's latest smartphones are powerful and come with a variety of features that make it different. Samsung phones are very loved by customers. There are millions of people using the phone across the world.

Samsung Members also offers contests that are designed especially to photographers. The contests are targeted at shutterbugs. They involve themes. Participants are required to submit an image based on the theme. If the photo receives the most votes, the winner receives a prize. To participate in contests like these, Samsung Members must have an account. To join, simply click the contests tab on the landing page of the app. Next, tap on the 'Enter Contest' icon located in the lower right corner of the screen.

Customer service for Samsung devices is exemplary. Samsung's reputation is outstanding despite some bad experiences. Contact Samsung's manufacturer if are having problems with a product. Samsung's customer support is unbeatable. If you are having issues with your Samsung product, contact Samsung's manufacturer to get assistance. Samsung is determined to improve its image but it will take some time. It will take years for Samsung to comfortably sit at the mid-range smartphone tables.

Samsung made more money in 2017 through its components business than it did from smartphones. Even though Apple is the top player in the smartphone market Samsung's other businesses generate more revenue. Samsung also offers similar products in a variety of categories. Samsung makes smartphones, as well as televisions, laptops, tablets and laptops. Smart toasters, radios speakers, and other items are also manufactured by Samsung. Samsung is a global business and is constantly creating new products.

Samsung offers a variety of smartphones in its portfolio, starting with the Galaxy M Series. Galaxy M53 is their cheapest model. It's the best option for students with small budgets or young travellers on the move. Galaxy M series smartphones are still very new and cannot be purchased in the US. However, if you're searching for a new smartphone you can always purchase an affordable model. There are a variety of Samsung smartphones available, and you'll be able to find the perfect one to meet your requirements.

Samsung was originally founded in Taegu (Korea) in 1938. It began as an organization that traded in groceries. However, the company has since expanded to include semiconductors, consumer electronics, and integrated system industries. Samsung's popularity in smartphones has helped it grow its international influence and make it one of the most recognized brands worldwide. Samsung was ranked 9th in Interbrand's top ten most recognisable brands, just ahead of Toyota Motor.